Website for Law Firm​

A new website and brand for a personal injury firm​

Sheppard Injury Firm helps clients get the help and recovery they need after life-changing accidents.

They needed a brand-new logo and website for their law firm that set them apart in their local community and generated new clients.


Crafting a Unique and Approachable Brand Identity

Our challenge was to design a logo and website that broke away from the clichés typical of law firm branding. The founder, Amanda, wanted her law firm to be warm and approachable, a place where clients felt supported and understood from their first encounter.

Logo Design: Modern yet Timeless

We developed a logo that combined the initials "SIF" (Sheppard Injury Firm) with an icon of a pillar, a symbol traditionally associated with law but reimagined in our design to be more modern and welcoming. The use of a warm color palette and bold, contemporary typeface helped to convey a sense of friendliness and accessibility.

Website Development: Clear, Concise, and Client-Centered

Moving to the digital space, the goal was to reflect this brand identity seamlessly on the new website. We employed bright, appealing stock imagery and colorful, modern iconography to craft a visually inviting online presence. Unlike many law firm websites burdened with dense text, Amanda’s site was designed with clear messaging and straightforward navigation, making it easy for potential clients to understand their next steps and how the firm could assist them quickly.

Result: A Brand Built on Trust and Accessibility

The outcome was a distinct and memorable brand that resonated well with the local community. Amanda was thrilled with the final logo and website, which she now uses daily to attract and assist new clients. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, emphasizing that clients feel a genuine connection to the brand at first glance.

Ongoing Collaboration: Beyond Branding

Our relationship with Sheppard Injury Firm has continued beyond branding, as we've also assisted with setting up CRM systems, marketing automation, and streamlining internal processes to further enhance their operational efficiency.

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