Video Production for Hospitals​

A social campaign for antimicrobial stewardship​

Duke University Hospital's Antimicrobial Stewardship and Evaluation Team (ASET) needed help producing content for a social media campaign during Antibiotic Awareness Week.

We helped strategize and produce a progression of short-form video content to raise awareness and drive change in the health care community.


Advancing medical awareness with viral video content 🦠

Duke University Hospital's Antimicrobial Stewardship and Evaluation Team (ASET) is committed to optimizing antimicrobial use, enhancing drug efficacy, and ensuring cost-effective treatments in infectious disease management. Collaborating with pharmacists and medical staff, ASET plays a crucial role in patient care and safety.

Shifting strategies from text to video 🎥

Traditionally, ASET’s Antibiotic Awareness Week campaigns relied heavily on written content. This past year, however, they aimed to significantly boost their reach and engagement by switching to a more dynamic approach: short-form video content.

Engaging content meets educational goals 📚

Our task was to transform the typically dense medical information into content that was not only educational but also entertaining. We produced five short-form videos, employing popular memes and relatable humor to convey important messages.

One standout piece was a spoof on the iconic GEICO commercial featuring Dikembe Mutombo, which resonated well with the audience.

The new strategy was a departure from the norm in medical communication, making dense topics accessible and enjoyable without compromising the message's value. This innovative approach helped to foster a deeper connection with the medical community, particularly on social media platforms where quick, engaging content thrives.

Impressive results and future plans 📈

The campaign was met with enthusiastic reception, achieving remarkable engagement levels compared to the previous year’s metrics. The use of meme video formats proved to be a highly effective method of reaching and educating the target audience.

This project, spanning just four weeks, included comprehensive content strategy development and video production.

Elevating medical communication

Are you looking to enhance your medical or educational campaign with innovative video content that captivates and educates? We'd love to discuss how we can transform your communication strategies with creative and impactful video production. Let’s make your next campaign not just informative, but also unforgettable.

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