Photography for HVAC Companies

Engaging photo and videos for local HVAC businesses​

NearU is a family of home services companies specializing in HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance.

We captured engaging photo and video content that showcases their friendly, high-quality services, enabling them to stand out from their local competition.


Overcoming the stock photo challenge 😔

Initially, NearU's marketing team faced a significant challenge: the lack of high-quality, current photos across all branches. While some branches had outdated yet decent photos, others had none, forcing the team to rely on stock photography.

This not only failed to accurately represent the actual services provided but also lacked the authentic, local feel essential for connecting with their community.

Time for a photo shoot! 📸

To address these issues, we embarked on a comprehensive project, visiting nearly 15 branches to capture authentic photo and video content. This not only replaced outdated and inconsistent imagery but also enriched the brand’s local authenticity and relatability.

Additionally, we enhanced NearU's digital presence by integrating video into their marketing strategy. We produced 'About Us' videos for each branch, 'Thank You' videos from general managers for post-service customer engagement, and educational videos that offer maintenance tips and service insights.

These videos are designed to educate potential customers and differentiate NearU in a competitive market.

Let's keep this party going 🥳

The initial phase of video and photo production spanned four months, culminating in a rich portfolio of visual assets that have been crucial for NearU’s marketing campaigns.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with testimonials from NearU’s marketing manager and designer highlighting the quality and impact of the work.

Our ongoing relationship has led to additional engagements, ensuring that NearU’s branches continually have fresh and relevant content.

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