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The Obstacle Doc, a physical therapy practice dedicated to helping athletes and active adults recover faster, rehab stronger, and train harder, sought to enhance their marketing for physical therapists.

They aimed to boost their online presence with fresh, polished video content that not only strengthened their authority but also educated patients effectively.


We need to stop looking like amateurs 😔

When The Obstacle Doc, a physical therapy clinic specializing in sports medicine and rehabilitation, approached us, they faced a challenge common among rapidly growing practices: their DIY video content did not reflect the high quality and professionalism of their services. Eager to shed the amateur look, they aimed to elevate their online presence to match the quality of their in-clinic expertise, a crucial element in effective marketing for physical therapists.

Enter pro-level video production

Our collaboration centered on transforming their patient video library and online visuals—a pivotal component of their marketing strategy. We produced nearly 50 pieces of high-quality video content, including detailed educational videos and a captivating promotional video for their website. This initiative was geared towards enhancing their professional image and enriching the educational resources available to their patients, setting a new standard in marketing for physical therapists.

The promotional video succinctly explains what The Obstacle Doc does and what patients can expect during their journey with the practice. This makes it an invaluable tool for both current and prospective patients, significantly improving patient engagement—a key objective in the modern marketing landscape for physical therapists.


Continuous Praise and Future Plans 👏

The feedback from The Obstacle Doc was overwhelmingly positive, capturing the essence of the transformation we helped achieve. While success in marketing for physical therapists isn't measured solely by numbers, the enthusiastic reviews and the immediate impact on their professional image speak volumes. Here's what one team member exclaimed after seeing the first revamped video: "DUDE... that’s exactly what we needed!"

As we continue our partnership, The Obstacle Doc is set to keep enhancing their digital footprint, ensuring that every athlete and patient they serve receives not only the best care but also the most informative and professionally presented information. This ongoing enhancement is crucial in marketing for physical therapists, as it helps maintain a competitive edge and fosters trust within the community.

Ready to Upgrade Your Professional Presence?

If you’re looking to elevate your clinic's digital and visual content to reflect the true quality of your services—a key strategy in marketing for physical therapists—let’s talk. Contact us today to schedule a strategy call, and let’s create something exceptional together. Our expertise in marketing for physical therapists can help your practice achieve its goals and connect more effectively with your community.

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