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Content creation and strategy for a coach and consultant​

Marching University teaches band directors how to improve their student's visual technique and grow their marching band programs.

We helped them build and execute a content strategy that led to a five-figure course launch and growing educational brand.


A Visionary Start

From just a logo to a growing educational brand, Marching University began with founder Clark Cothran's dream to enhance band performances nationwide. Initially, Clark had nothing but a vision for what he wanted marching band visual education to look like—this is where our journey began.

Crafting the Core: Content Creation to Launch

Understanding the importance of quality content, we first tackled the creation of video lessons essential for the brand's flagship course. Our approach wasn't just about filming; it was about bringing educational theories to life, ensuring every video was engaging and informative.

We orchestrated a launch strategy that included a teaser webinar, an early bird pre-launch, and a robust campaign targeting the waitlist, setting the stage for a successful market entry.

Building the Brand: Sustained Growth and Engagement

Post-launch, our focus shifted to amplifying Marching University’s reach and influence. Through continuous enhancements to course content and a dynamic presence on Instagram, we've not only maintained but also grown an enthusiastic community. Comments like "This is the best marching band content on social media" underscore the brand’s growing reputation.

Since partnering, we've propelled Marching University to nearly $10K in initial sign-ups, marking a triumphant introduction. Our ongoing collaboration spans creating monthly social media content and refining marketing strategies, ensuring Marching University continues to lead and innovate.

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